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Torchbearers Diaspora Inc. in collaboration with ACE-Ghana

10th Annivesary Conference

This is our time, our destiny, our legacy, our struggle. In Ghana we do annual Business Development conferences and now are building Business Tours of the the business operators we have spawn. Help strengthen the African Continent and the Global Community. Join our conferences and contribute to building ACE Programs in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas. We are one global people.

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Torch Bearers Diaspora, Inc. is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Tennessee and has a U.S. Federal Government tax exempt status (501C3). Torch Bearers Diaspora is governed by a multidiscipline, intergenerational, gender balanced and culturally diverse board of directors and management team.

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10th Anniversary

The Torch Bearers Diaspora Inc, Memphis U.S.A in collaboration with ACE-Ghana wishes to invite you to our 10th Anniversary ACE-Ghana Conference. This conference is to bring together young adults who are willing and passionate to be entrepreneurs. These young entrepreneurs will be taken through series of lectures and training to help build their capacity and to motive them to become entrepreneurs while offering them sources of funds to start-up their business.


Ghana beyond Aid: empowering the youth through entrepreneurship.


28th May, 2018 | 31st May, 2018


Valley View University Campus, Oyibi, Accra-Ghana
Resgistration fee: GH₵40


Torchbearers knowledge base

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African Collegiate Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the most effective tool to combat unemployment and poverty.  The ACE program conducts business seminars and business plan contests and ACE chapters have been established at an array of tertiary or higher education institutions in Ghana.  Seminars, workshops, and conferences are conducted twice each year on the major university campuses in Ghana.  The seminars, workshops and conferences last an average of three (3) full days of 10 hours per day with an average attendance of approximately 150. National ACE Ghana Conferences are held each summer with an average of attendance of 200.
Since its launch, nine businesses by ACE Scholars have been established; eight active, one recently started with an average of four persons per business.  Active businesses include; poultry farming, agro processing, computer services, vegetable production, supply of hospital consumables and lab services and pawpaw farming.

Incubation Centers

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Center (IEIC) was launched at the Christian Service University College (CSUC) in Kumasi, Ghana in 2015. Negotiations are in progress to establish similar incubation centers at other public and private university campuses.


Plans have been made for groups and individuals to travel to Africa for business, pleasure or cultural enrichment.  The tours will be individually packaged with a focus on the interests (educational, cultural, investment, etc.) of the individuals or groups.


Direct donations from individuals and groups are needed to support the day-to-day operations and outreach activities to accomplish the mission of Torch Bearers Diaspora, Inc.  Online Donation.


Volunteers are needed to participate in the African Collegiate Entrepreneur Program (ACE) as mentors and advisors to the young entrepreneurs.


Investors are needed to provide support to the small enterprises developed by the ACE Scholars.


Partnerships and networking are needed to support the young entrepreneurs, businesses, and institutions.


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