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About Us

Torch Bearers Diaspora is governed by a multidiscipline, intergenerational, gender balanced and culturally diverse board of directors and management team.

Mission Statement

The mission of Torch Bearers is to connect and strengthen the African experience through promotion of the arts, culture, technology and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Vision Statement

The vision of Torch Bearers is to create communities that are progressively healthy, self-sufficiently wealth, and environmentally sound using all their resources for continual improvement of human quality of life from generation to another.

Who we are

Torchbearers Diaspora Inc.

The co-founders of Torch Bearers Diaspora, Drs. Isaac Fordjour and Barry Colley, over 10 years ago sat at the breakfast table one Sunday morning in deep convicting thought about Africa’s challenges and underdevelopment against the backdrop of its rich natural resources and the enchanting beauty of its people and their diverse cultures.

Dr. Fordjour was born in Africa and has had a successful surgical practice in Memphis, Tennessee for over 30 years. Dr. Colley was born in the United States and has spent most of his professional life living and working in Africa with non-profit organizations as an agricultural specialist.

Torch Bearers Diaspora was born out of the mutual desire of the founders to shine the light on Africa

The Torchbearers Way

Our Conviction

We seek to establish an African Renaissance that benefits the global community. Today, many with African experiences have compelling and diverse interests, notwithstanding conflicting historical motivations and agendas. We believe the motivations of diverse African interest groups can be creatively synthesized and mobilized to benefit Africa and its Diaspora. Torch Bearers Diaspora believes that providing constructive outlets for these interests will become the basis to achieve a 21st Century African Renaissance that sustains economic and cultural development, human capital, and robust environmental stewardship in Africa.

Torch Bearers Diaspora, Inc. uses a combination of strategies to uphold its mission and to achieve its vision. Some of the strategies include; public, private and community partnerships on the continent of Africa and the Diaspora African communities; building linkages in human resources and viable businesses, including agriculture and food processing, Internet Communication Technology (ICT), health and medical services, and Information Systems Management (ISM); promotion of entrepreneurship and enterprise development; facilitation of research and knowledge advancement in farm and appropriate technology to improve efficiency, safety, productivity and environment; promotion of cultural enrichment and aesthetics through the arts; exchange forums, educational tours, eco-tourism, conferences and retreats.

Currently Torch Bearers Diaspora, Inc. is operating projects in Africa, the most successful of which is the African Collegiate Entrepreneurs (ACE) Program. The ACE Program has been most active in Ghana (ACE Ghana) with interest to expand to other African Diaspora communities.

Also in Ghana, a new program, Business and Entrepreneurship Incubation Centers, has recently been initiated that focuses on public and private university campuses. Another project in development is business investment tourism (cultural and educational enrichment, mentoring, and social impact business investing).

Let's make something great together

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